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“I believe that hairstylists excel when they are in a position of ownership, empowerment and control over their own business”  -Meghan Kendall

 We, at Control Hair, saw a need to create a workplace for executive level stylist, where they can take control of their career.  At Control Hair, we provide an opportunity for like-minded stylists to grow and collaborate while maintaining a professional, team oriented and high end environment. 

Every team member has their own studio space. Having your own intimate space, as a stylist, allows for one-on-one attention to guests and lots of personal storage room for tools. Every studio comes with the use of an iPad, giving stylists a great reference tool and access to lots of apps.  This also ensures that guests have access to all the latest magazines through the app Texture.  

Control Hair team members are responsible for their own scheduling, their own hours worked and all their own service tickets.  Everyone has complete control over their own business.  Every team member has made the same commitment to put in full effort to their guests, the team, their career and the salon.  We know that the strength of the house comes from the foundation.